MP3 Player and Filipino Homework Helper

Yes, you can use your MP3 player to help your child with their Filipino homework.

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My son had to memorize a poem in Tagalog, and after a few hours ended up with a couple of memorized lines. He probably was distracted by the fact that he would rather play with some game.

Besides, it is hard to teach him how to pronounce certain Tagalog words properly. I was growing hoarse from repeating the poem over and over again when it hit me....

Why not record myself reciting the poem?

So I read the poem once and recorded it into an MPIO MP3 player. The nice thing about such players is that you can set it to play a track repeatedly. And no, you won't lose your voice.

I allowed my son to play with the Xbox on the condition that he would listen to my specially recorded track. I don't know how he managed to play with my voice reciting the Tagalog poem over and over again, but he seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

The following day, on the way to a party, I once again made him listen to the MP3 file.

That afternoon, he surprised me with his memorized version.

Either the repetition helped him or he probably didn't want to listen to the MP3 file again. So if you're trying to help your children memorize a poem for their Araling Panlipunan / Filipino subject, try using an MP3 player.
[ First posted on 09/16/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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