Blog and Get Paid?

Yes, you can earn money from blogging. Before you start laughing, check this out.

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Search for "blogger" at and you'll find several job offers.

You'll also find other blogger job offers at

Aside from a career in professional blogging, there are also blog sponsorships. There's some sort of Catch-22, though. If a blog has a sizeable readership, do you think the blogger will be willing to be sponsored by some corporation?

Some will feel that their writing or credibility will be questioned if people see that their blog is supported or funded by this or that company. It will just look like a paid advertisement, right? Who would bother to read such a blog?

Here's a twist: Why not sponsor a blog that bashes your company's products and services?

Imagine the number of people who will visit that blog. Think of the interaction and all the comments that blog will get. Afterall, it's easier to find things to complain about.

Imagine how motivated the blogger will be: "Complain about our products and/or services, publish it in your blog, and get paid!"

What's the value to the corporate sponsor? You'll get feedback on which areas you'll need to improve or correct. And you'll get it straight from your target market.

From the blog comments, you will see a pattern emerge. And no, it's not just the rants.

Every now and then, you'll read the raves of a regular customer; someone who doesn't quite go with the flow of your market. From there, you will get an early indication of whether your product or service will flop in the long-run. Yes, based on the raves of certain individuals.

Do you have that kind of friend who enjoys a certain product, only to get disappointed when the product disappears because of low market acceptance? What if you could tap into the preferences of that "against-the-market" individual? Think of the expenses you will avoid if you find out early enough what won't work in the market.

It's only a matter of time before some sponsors support anti-sponsor blogs. Before you know it, people will see the value of immediate negative feedback.

Yes, there's an interesting future in professional blogging. So never give up, and never stop experimenting.
[ First posted on 08/23/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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