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If you want salads or pasta delivered to your office or home in Makati, Ortigas, Manila or Quezon City, check out Heny Sison's Heartlands: The Healthier Alternative.

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You'll find on their web site the menu for the week. You can either order the salad or the pasta dish, or a combination. These healthier alternative meals are not just for those on a diet; they're for everyone interested in healthy living.

The meals are prepared everyday, so you'll have to email, send via SMS text, or phone-in your order by 5PM of the previous day (or 5PM of Saturday for Monday meals).

Text: (+63917) 8556971
Call between 11AM to 5PM, Mon - Sat: (+632) 7252997, (+632) 7254788

You'll need to let them know the following:
- Name
- Company/Floor/Building
- E-mail add/Contact Number (cell & landline)
- Order for Which Day
- Quantity

(I wish there were an online form that customers can easily fill-up. Perhaps I'll design one for them for free. We'll see...)

Once you send in your order, a customer representative will get in touch with you.

Comment: I've tried calling the first landline but it was busy. The second landline just kept ringing. I sent text to the mobile number, but I haven't received any reply yet. My friends tell me that they are emailed the menu daily.

Pricing: This ranges from P85 (light salad serving) to P110 (premium salad serving or pasta) to P130 (combination salad + pasta)

Delivery (Mondays - Fridays): Between 9am and 12NN (Offices); Between 11AM and 3PM (Residence)

My office friend got her meal at 12:30pm (because it was the first time Heartlands went to our office), and got a 50% discount because of the delayed delivery.

She thoroughly enjoyed the yummy California Crabstick Medley (Kani Strips, Mango Cubes, & Sliced Cucumber give this its inspired California Maki flavor. Adding Carrot Strips and Mixed Lettuce Greens to toss, all dressed with our Light Mango Vinaigrette make this a healthy alternative for the “California-Jap Sushi” meal!)

Check out their single-page wonder of a web site:
[ First posted on 08/09/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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