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Yes, Filipinos are getting into podcasting. They're based in the States.

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They're called the "Sini-Gang".

These Filipino-Americans in Virginia Beach will "let you know what's going on with Filipinos in the Hampton Roads community."

(Sinigang is a kind of dish that's sour. It has kangkong, labanos (radish), and either pork, beef, or shrimp.)

They mentioned in their initial podcast that they're using pretty good equipment. Perhaps this interest in podcasting will translate to higher sales of high-end microphones, mixers, amplifiers and other not-that-inexpensive podcasting equipment.

Remember the gold rush where people who sold the equipment made money? The same thing will probably happen in podcasting. We'll see...

Anyway, if you'd like to hear some Pinoy podcasting in English, check out The Sini-Gang (they're hosted at Liberated Syndication)

Here's my forecast for podcasting: People will try it... for a while. The web will still be text-based. A few smatterings of audio and video here and there, but it will still be text-based. But go ahead. Try podcasting and have fun. :-)
[ First posted on 06/15/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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