Voltes V Reborn

I was surprised to see my 8-year old son riveted to an episode of Voltes V, because I didn't think he'd be interested an anime show that was more than 25 years old.

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Voltes V Opening / Ending Songs (opens in popup window)

I remember how excited I was to watch Voltes V many years ago. We got our first colored TV, and the first few shows I watched were Mazinger Z (link via My Animei Site) and Voltes V. I didn't even know what anime or manga meant back then. All I knew was that I had to cut my vacation short at my tita's place and rush home to see what a colored TV looked like.

Thanks to Ivan Chen and his Voltes V Shrine, I got to relive my favorite parts of Voltes V: The Opening ("Voltes V no Uta") and Ending ("Chichi wo Motomete") songs.

Back then, we simply called them "Tato ye ala..." and "Oyani hagureta..."

I particularly liked the melody of Chichi wo Motomete, and only discovered recently that it translates to "Searching for My Father."

I don't know how my Dad managed to get a wonderfully clear VHS copy of Voltes V. I do know what held my son's interest: Voltes V has a great storyline.

What's even greater are the storylines that emerged outside that popular 1970s/1980s TV show. How can you forget your quiet classmate who suddenly gained confidence after learning the lyrics of Voltes V?

Or do you remember how happy your friend was after they learned to play the Voltes V theme song for the first time on the piano?

Or how wildly everyone clapped towards the end of Voltes V: The Movie?

Anime + Storyline + Memories = A Voltes V that will never die. Sing along folks!
[ First posted on 04/01/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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