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RSS Feeds are used to list the latest changes made to your web site. In the past, people would subscribe to a mailing list where you would announce that your site has been updated. Today, people use RSS Readers to view the contents of your RSS Feed, so that they can quickly see if your site has interestingly new additions. Wouldn't it be great to let people know about changes in your site, without filling-up their bursting at the seams email Inbox?

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Some blogging software or content management systems automatically create RSS Feeds for you (i.e., Blosxom, WordPress). If you update your web site by hand using Frontpage, Notepad, and some FTP program, you can use a FREE program to create RSS feeds manually.

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RSS Feeds can help Increase Traffic to your web site.

People who do not like to create content for their web sites as much as you do can display your RSS feeds on their site, with the help of programs such as TrafficHurricane. They hope to get visited by the Googlebot more often since they can easily create web pages containing ever-fresh and ever-changing "content" (i.e., your RSS feed).

Assuming surfers/searchers do land on such instantly created web pages, your RSS feed could appear there, and those surfers could click on your link and visit your site. That's how you get more traffic courtesy of your RSS Feeds.

[ First posted on 07/23/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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