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Mobile Classified Ads (MCA) has developed Chatter Box, which allows you to experience the Friendster or My Space world using your cellphone. You can create private groups where a single sms text message gets broadcasted to the entire group. That's good news for associations, work teams, alumni, and other groups you can think of to quickly communicate among themselves via cellphones and texting.

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While Friendster and My Space can sometimes be unavailable when the internet is down (or when you're away from the computer), Chatter Box keeps you connected via your cellphone.

For more info, text CB HELP to 2343 (for Globe) or 353 (for SMART). It costs P2.00 for Postpaid subscribers, and P2.50 for Prepaid accounts.

Here are other things you can text:

CB OFF - to stop receiving CB messages.
CB TXTM8 HELP - get more info about finding a textmate using Chatter Box.
CB GRP HELP - get more info about starting a group

CB JOIN - join a group (although I keep getting an error message when I tried this)

CB GRP - create a group
CB GRP [group name] [password] [your name]
example: CB GRP sales 12345 john

To invite friends to join your group:
CB INV [cellphone number] [message]
example: CB INV 09171234567 join SALES

To join a group:
CB [groupname]
example: CB SALES

CB VIEW - view list of group members

To chat with textmates, you need to register (for free) first:
CB TXTPAL [nickname] [gender] [age]
example: CB TXTPAL mike m 33

After registering, you'll receive a message that says you are now a text pal, and that somebody may now contact you.

CB PROFILE - view your profile
CB TXTPAL CHG - change your nickname, gender or age

To search for potential textmates:
CB TXTM8 [gender] [age]
example: CB TXTM8 m 33 (searches for male 33 year-olds)

Funny, "CB" reminds me of the old CB Radio days where you use those radios to meet people. Now, we have cellphones. I wonder if this will take off... I mean, what if sms texting is taxed? ;-)

[ First posted on 06/04/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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