Globe Share-a-Load Delays

I tried Globe's Share-a-Load yesterday and was amazed with the speed. In just seconds, I was able to transfer 5 pesos from my cellphone's credit to another Globe pre-paid phone. This morning, however, the seconds stretched to two hours.

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I called up their Share-a-Load helpdesk (730-1055) and they asked me what steps I took to transfer my load. Since my procedure was correct, they asked me to try again after 30 minutes. It's a good thing I did not follow them.

Two hours after my attempt to transfer P20, the transaction pushed through. So if I tried again, I would have ended up transfering P40.

I dunno. Transfering cellphone credits is useful when the person you're trying to communicate with badly needs credits. So time is of the essence. When cellphone load transfers are delayed, what's the use?

Anyway, I shouldn't be surprised. Some have complained about delays in Globe's Autoload service (as much as 24 hours).

At the MyGlobe Forum, there's also a thread about Globe's Share-a-Load.

Esato Forum Thread: Negative and Positive comments to Globe, Smart, Sun Services (PH)

What about you SMART Pasa-load users? Have you experienced delays?

How To Use Globe Share-a-Load

Assuming you have a Globe PostPaid/Prepaid or even a Touch Mobile phone, you can share or transfer your load to another Globe Prepaid or Touch Mobile phone. Here's how...

Let's suppose you want to transfer 5 pesos to this phone number: 0917-123-4567

Text 5
and send it to 29171234567

That's it. You'll receive a text message confirming the transfer, plus instructions on what to do the next time you want to use the Share-A-Load service, because you'll need to REGister and input some kind of PIN (4-character password, alphanumeric)

If you don't receive a confirmation that you transferred your load, please do not try to transfer again because it might simply be a case of a delayed transfer.

[I wrote this explanation because Martin emailed, asking about how to share a load. Unfortunately, his email address does not seem to work so I'm posting the explanation online.]

[ First posted on 01/22/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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