F4 Meteor Garden Episode Summaries

Looks like some Pinoys missed a few episodes of Meteor Garden. Here's where to find those episode summaries online.

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Added Nov 10, 2003:
Meteor Garden 3 or III ?

Added on Aug 15, 2003:
Meteor Garden 2 (Season 2) Episode Summaries 01 - 15
Meteor Garden II Episodes 16 - 31

Oct 25, 2005 Update: If those two Meteor Garden 2 summary links above are not working (because the site is so popular they exceeded their bandwidth), try these archived copies:

Meteor Garden Season 2 Episodes 1 - 15 | MG Season 2 Episodes 16 - 31

Meteor Garden (Season 1) Episode Summaries

Episode 1
The opening sequence opens with Shan Cai (acted by Big S, Xu Xi Yuan) on her scooter, on her way to the prestigious school, Ying De Xue Yuan (name). Her scooter breaks down and she has to push her scooter to school. A fellow schoolmate, the arrogant Bai He (acted by Bei Er) stops beside her in her Mercedes and offers her a GUCCI handkerchief to clean her hands. Bai He condescendingly complains that it is all Shan Caiís fault that the school is not listed on the World Business records.

Episode 2
Embarrassed and insulted by the comments written on the blackboard, Shan Cai dashes off to confront Ah Si (thinking that he was the one who wrote it).

Episode 3
Shan Caiís parents invite Ah Si to stay for dinner. He agrees. He mentions that Shan Caiís house is smaller than the pond in his mansion but is warm and comfortable. During dinner, he shows his impressive table manners, a sign of his strict upbringing. Shan Cai is embarrassed by his parentsí unrefined table manners and impressed by Ah Siís politeness. He even graciously thank her parents for the meal. However, she remembers that Ah Si pushed her on to the grass patch before and reminds herself not to be taken in by his seemingly gentlemanly surface.

Episode 4
Qing He shows up at Shan Caiís house in an equally comical dressing. They decide to go to Jingís birthday anyway. Meanwhile, Li Zhen cannot decide if she should go to Jingís party. She is very happy about the dress that Shan Cai had given to her.

Episode 5
At the school cafť, Mei Zuo and Xi Men grill Ah Si for the details of THE date. They get the wrong idea about the date and Ah Si does not clarify. Shan Cai, Bai He and Qian Hui run into F3. Shan Cai and Ah Si are extremely shy when they meet each other. Mei Zuo sings a love song. Qian Hui is mesmerized by his voice. The three girls settle down for lunch. While Qian Hui and Bai He are fawning over Shan Cai, Li Zhen interrupts them. The two of them tries to chase her away and tells her that Shan Cai is now of a different status from her. Shan Cai tries to speak up for her. The two of them decide to invite Shan Cai and Li Zhen to the disco at night.

Episode 6
An uncomfortable Shan Cai pushes Ah Si away. She tries to deny that they are dating but Ah Si says otherwise. Lei comments that itís a pity that they are dating and Ah Si jokingly warns Lei not to take Shan Cai away from him.

Episode 7
Dao Ming Zhuang (Zhuang) assures Shan Cai that she is not to blame for whatever that has happened. She knows she has no right to involve herself in their affairs but sincerely hopes that Shan Cai will give Ah Si a chance.

Episode 8
Lei, Mei Zuo and Xi Men each receives a message from Zhuang telling them that Ah Si has returned to Taiwan. They all set off from their individual activities to meet up with Ah Si at the mansion.

Episode 9 (i)
Episode 9 (ii)
Episode 10 (i)
Episode 10 (ii)
Episode 11 (i)
Episode 11 (ii)
Episode 12 (i)
Episode 12 (ii)
Episode 13 (i)
Episode 13 (ii)

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