Mandy Moore - A Walk To Remember

Lots of people gushed over Mandy Moore's "A Walk To Remember" so in honor of those mushy friends of mine, here are DVDs of Mandy Moore available at Amazon.

(Then again, she is better known for her music than for her acting, so here are CDs of Mandy Moore.)

My other reason involves the use of a script called Piranha Feed, which is a PHP application that rides on Amazon's xml system. It automatically serves up images and prices, depending on what search terms you feed it.

I'm also learning how to create search engine-friendly URLs. What this means is I can "make" these pages:

DVDs of Cameron Diaz
DVDs of Tom Cruise
DVDs of Natalie Portman
DVDs of Jennifer Lopez
DVDs of Spider Man
DVDs of Star Wars

...but if you actually look inside the webserver, you won't find those separate html files. Instead, you'll find a SINGLE file that automatically calls the Piranha Feed script based on the search terms you plug in. In other words, I save on web hard disk space but still give the impression that this web site has LOTS of pages.

For example, that single file looks like this:

...which some folks say is too long and is not search engine-friendly because of the presence of the "?" in the URL. Here's a shorter, virtual (because the actual html file does not exist) version:
which serves up the same page as the longer version.

Anyway, enough of the boring "techie" stuff...

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[ First posted on 07/11/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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