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Registry problems can occur for many reasons, including references left behind after uninstallation, incorrect removal of software, missing or corrupt hardware drivers, or orphaned start-up programs.

My Registry Cleaner will make your system more stable, run quicker, and your operating system will boot faster.

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Need a Second Computer? Buy Refurbished Laptop

Are you looking for a cheap yet reliable second laptop for your business or for your studies? Consider buying refurbished laptop. These are reconditioned or recertified laptops that were usually earlier sold and returned by consumers for a variety of reasons. They are sent back by the store to the manufacturer and then refurbished so they can look and work just as good as brand new laptop computers.

Compared to a new and feature-laden desktop or laptop computer, a refurbished laptop is a lot more budget-friendly. Especially if you are on tight budget, buying a refurbished laptop would be a great help.

The benefits of a portable computer are endless. A laptops is more practical since it’s portable and more convenient to use compared to desktop computers. It’s extra light, durable, powerful, handy and technically advanced. You can bring them anywhere, either to a sales pitch, a lecture or a business meeting or to any room in your house and so you can work with utmost comfort and convenience.

Imagine working on a report while on a perfect island vacation, attending a video conference while at home or preparing a homework while stargazing on veranda—these are luxuries you cannot enjoy using a bulky desktop computer. All these are possible only with a laptop. Now add more savings to those benefits and that’s what you get if you buy a refurbished laptop.

Apart from its very affordable value, you can also expect refurbished laptops to give you excellent performance. Many refurbished laptops work just as good as new ones; they got the most up-to-date features since they are just a few months old. They also come with different specifications so you have a choice whether to buy a high-specification refurbished laptop or a low-specification laptop, depending on your need.

If you are in need of a second computer, which you are going to use for only a few applications and which you may need to bring outside your office, you can get by with a low-spec refurbished laptop. They are offered at a much lower price since they have slower processors, old version operating system, smaller memory and lesser features. However, they work just as efficient as a low-spec brand new computer since they have already been reconditioned.

Specifications that you need to be particular about in buying a refurbished laptop include the processor speed, the memory, and the hard drive. If you want your computer to run faster and execute commands quickly, you should get laptop with higher processor speed, say 2.0GHz. This is especially important if you usually connect to the internet and upload or download large files.

Also, it would be better to have bigger system memory so that it would be faster for the applications to load. The memory holds the data that are in use so if you want to use the latest operating system, you would need a bigger memory, at least 256mb.

The hard drive is also a very important specification to consider in buying a refurbished laptop. As your second computer, you may not be saving too much information in your refurbished laptop, so you may get a hard drive with 10GB storage space. If you need to save much information on that computer, a 40GB hard drive could already give you sufficient space.