Ibong Adarna Summary and Guide Notes

Dear Ibong Adarna Student,

If you're struggling with those 1,722 stanzas of "Ang Ibong Adarna", if you lack time probably because you're too sleepy from watching too much TV, if you wish you could have more fun with your friends and still get better grades in school, then read on...

It's easy to get discouraged when plodding through stanza after stanza of hard to understand Tagalog. When I was in high school, I wished there were some guide that would help me get some kind of bird's eye view or quick summary of Ibong Adarna. It's a miracle people manage to survive high school.

Now that I'm older, I find myself getting interested once more (or for the first time?) in Philippine literature and those aggravating subjects like Ang Ibong Adarna.

In the coming weeks, I'll post summaries and study notes which will help you save time so that you can focus not just on your grades, but on having fun with your friends and developing yourself as a well-rounded person.

Have fun!

Kind regards,
Manuel Viloria
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P.S. There's no guarantee that what you read will instantly boost your grades. Afterall, I have no idea what your abilities are. Then again, you'll never know unless you try these chapter summaries and study guides, right?

Summaries and Study Notes

Summary of Part 1 (Stanzas 1 - 256)
Introduction of main characters; illness of the king; journey of the three brothers; characteristics of the Ibong Adarna; treachery of brothers

Summary of Part 2 (Stanzas 257 - 492)
Ibong Adarna refuses to sing; Don Juan returns and forgives brothers; King gets well; Ibong Adarna escapes during Don Juan's watch; Don Juan heads for the hills; King orders older brothers to search for Don Juan; brothers live on a mountain; discovery of a deep well

Summary of Part 3 (Stanzas 493 - 858)
Don Juan battles the giant and the serpent; saves Princess Juana and Princess Leonora; is betrayed yet again by Don Pedro; hears the Ibong Adarna sing about Dona Maria Blanca

Summary of Part 4 (Stanzas 859 - 1298)
Don Juan searches for Delos Cristal; meets Maria Blanca; performs the tasks of King Salermo

Summary of Part 5 (Stanzas 1299 - 1772)
Don Juan and Maria Blanca escape from Delos Cristal; King Salermo puts a curse on Maria Blanca before he dies; Don Juan forgets Maria Blanca and almost marries Leonora; Maria Blanca makes Don Juan remember and they get married; Juan and Maria Blanca return to Delos Cristal

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