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As you may have read by now, my parents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. For the event, I searched for a photographer since I wanted everyone in the family to enjoy the proceedings and program without having to worry about taking photos.

I prefer pictures to video. When looking back and remembering events, from my personal experience, it is more usual for people to revisit photos than video clips. For videos, you usually watch them once, store them, never to be watched again as they gather dust.

I decided to hire Aaron Ebio, wedding and events photographer, who was recommended by a friend of a friend. I found him to be very professional, quite prompt in replying to text and e-mail messages, and helpful too. I met him just once to reserve and pay the downpayment and all the rest of clarifications and coordination was done by e-mail and text and this is perfect for a busy person like me.

Three photographers (including Aaron) covered the event. All aspects of the event and program were adequately captured. I like it that they have a lot of solo shots of people, with faces prominent. There were also more candid shots than posed. There was not too much of the firing squad type group photos although we did need some of those since we wanted family pictures during a photo shoot prior to the main party or event. I mean, celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary is not very usual these days so we needed to document it for future generations to see and remember.

We tried to have some wacky photos of the family but not everyone cooperated. Some of my brothers who are not based here didn't even know what wacky meant. After some time, one of my brothers finally commented: "A parang sinto-sinto..."

It was also funny that when I said we needed to have a photo of my parents with all the children, my brothers were asking their kids (my parents' grandchildren) to come for the picture. I needed to explain that by children, I meant the five children of my parents, us five siblings. I guess I was thinking like my parents. That no matter how old my brothers and I may be, we will always be children in our parents' eyes. Like when I am out late and not yet home by 10 pm, my parents still look for me...even at the age of 42.

Aaron's rates are reasonable and flexible to consider the requirements of the client. In our case, payment was made in 3 installments: upon reservation, on the day of the event, and upon delivery of the DVD copies of the photos. I asked for a master copy of all the photos (for my parents) and then for 5 DVDs (one for each child) of the best 120 shots chosen by Aaron. Each member of the family can then print the photos that he or she wants. The DVDs were delivered via courier and I paid the last installment via bank transfer. Everything was very convenient. The DVDs were with me in less than a week after the event.

Aside from helping us out with the photos, Aaron also helped us source the supplier for the projector and the screen that we used for the video presentation. The supplier provides a person also to watch over the equipment and help operate it. The rate was much more reasonable than that of the hotel. The supplier is the one who usually works with Aaron when he takes photos at weddings and needs to flash the wedding photos during the reception. Aaron handled the coordination and reservation with the supplier with me and also took care of delivering payment. Talk about stress reduction on my part.

If you would like to consider booking Aaron Ebio for your wedding or special event, you can check out his photos at

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, March 7, 2010]

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