Holy Week

I used to dread the Holy Week. I was younger once and I guess the thought of having no television shows to watch (there was no cable then) or nowhere fun to go, scared me somewhat.

Now, I welcome the Holy Week each year. It is time to rest, to reflect, and to recharge. It is the perfect period to be silent and to remember just how much God loves us.

Mass media nowadays really serve as powerful tools for evangelization. Just this morning, I tuned in to Radyo Veritas 846 (Radyo Totoo) and was able to listen to the Recollection at the Araneta Coliseum without even leaving the house. In a few minutes from now, I will be dropping by the Jesuit site to see if I can join Fr. Johnny Go's Online Recollection.

God has never been closer to us than today. He comes to us in everyday situations, conversations and in the least likely of persons we encounter. Holy Thursday is the time when we commemorate the Washing of the Feet. Jesus washed His apostles' feet as a reminder for all that to lead means to be humble and to serve.

What is your life all about? Mr. Pagsi or Onofre Pagsanghan, a teacher at the Ateneo for the last 58 years asked in the Recollection this morning. What is most meaningful in your life? What is your core value?

He talked about God being the beginning and the end. We all come from God and in the end, we go back to God and as we go through life, our best companion can only be Christ. What is a successful life? It is when we end up in the arms of God.

Mr. Pagsi said that we are here to serve the people whom God sends into our lives. He talked about Fr. Delaney and how he used to say that all of us must want or strive to become a saint. A saint is one who wants to be the best. We must always strive to become better people.

Christ calls all of us to come to him. He calls the lost, the least, and the last. God accepts us with His arms wide open -- as He hangs from the cross all for the love of you and me.

This week, we recall the greatest love story this world has ever seen and known. We are loved, not because we are worthy, but because the Lord chose to love and save us.

So if you don't particularly relish Holy Week just yet, sit quietly and listen. This is as good as it gets for the Lord has given us the very best.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, April 9, 2009]

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