Give a Christmas Gift, Share Your Blessings

The "ber" months are upon us and here in my beloved country, the Philippines, that can only mean one thing. Christmas is fast approaching.

No matter how high consumer prices get, you can count on the Pinoy to still continue giving gifts this Christmas. There's the exchange gift at school or at work; the endless Christmas parties -- concerns about the economy will take a backseat for awhile's Christmas!

For those who may already be planning their Christmas gift lists, I would like to ask you to consider giving the gift of faith and stewardship. Your friends don't really need another fruitcake. Or your neighbors, more cookies. It may sound self-serving but I suggest you consider the book Mom's A Stewardess (Or Why There is No Vacation from Your Vocation) -- Stories of Stewardship to give away as gifts during this holiday season.

For every copy of Mom's A Stewardess that you purchase, I will give a portion of proceeds to projects of the parish of Christ the King and the diocese of Cubao. Such projects include scholarships, feeding programs for public schoolchildren, and the like. It's the perfect Christmas gift! You are able to give gifts while helping other people -- people who do not know you and can therefore never repay you for your kindness. To me, that's the best kind of giving.

Mom's A Stewardess is also a good gift for those who seem to have everything. Your rich boss. Your successful relative. Chances are, if they seem to have everything, then it would be good for them to share their blessings. And if you know that they are already sharing their blessings, there is always room to share some more. Mom's A Stewardess hopes to inspire its readers to follow a way of life marked by gratitude, responsibility, generosity, and giving back to the Lord and to others with increase.

If you wish to learn more about the book, please visit

If you wish to inquire about how to get hold of a copy or copies of the book for your Christmas gifts, please send email to

Thanks a lot!

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, September 27, 2008]

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