The Manila International Book Fair

We went to the Manila International Book Fair at SMX Mall of Asia yesterday. It was a family affair with the hubby and two kids.

It was my son's third or fourth trip to the Book Fair while it was my daughter's first. All went well.

We started out by having lunch at Taste Asia. It was okay but I didn't think it was very different or Asian in taste. The kids enjoyed the fried chicken (we went all the way to MOA to eat fried chicken), the crab and corn soup, the california maki, and the beef with young corn.

Then it was off to the Book Fair proper which will run until September 16, 2008 so you still have about two days to catch it. I stayed at the Claretian Publications booth from 2 to 3pm (Booths Number 177 and 178) to sign copies of the book Mom's a Stewardess for those who bought it. So if you are still looking to buy copies of the book and it's out of stock at your nearest bookstore, you can drop by the Book Fair until Tuesday.

Everyone was given a budget (you need to set a limit, otherwise, we will be accumulating tons and tons of books and we hardly have any space left in the room) with which they could buy books. The kids spent more than the adults but no one went over budget so that was good.

Before going on home, we took a brief break at Yohgurt Froz where we enjoyed the yogurt with fruits. Then it was off to home after a whole day outing at Mall of Asia.

Mall of Asia. My daughter says that she saw on television that it says: Mall of Asia -- no other mall comes close. "Why did they say that Mommy?" To which my son, quickly answered: "Because it's so far away."

That was cute.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, September 14, 2008]

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