KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez's For the First Time

My friend and I watched it for the scenery -- we wanted to see how Santorini, Greece looks like. Kidding aside, there's been so much hype about KC Concepcion's first movie that we decided to see it for ourselves, mixed reviews on the internet and in the newspapers notwithstanding.

Did we like it? Not much. The film was bearable, had a few funny lines and moments, but that was about it. You'd have to suspend "disbelief" for more than an hour and remind yourself that this was a movie and that such things do not happen in real life.

KC was okay. Richard was okay. The story was okay. That was the problem -- everything was just okay. Nothing that memorable. We found Benjo's and Manang Josie's love story more entertaining but they really didn't have much to do after awhile.

KC was very pretty. Richard was his usual self but together, they didn't click much. There was something lacking. They didn't gel. Richard is not the perfect actor but I've watched another film of his -- My Best Friend's GirlFriend -- with Marian Rivera and that was more fun! I didn't even expect to enjoy that movie (I just caught in on the plane) but I did. There was just not much chemistry between KC and Chard for some reason which escapes me for now.

The movie isn't bad. I just thought it was not good enough for KC's first movie. My friend thought KC could have done better acting-wise although I would think it was good for her First Time (plugging!). I mean, as I watched the movie, I was thinking of how Mom Sharon was in Dear Heart. I don't think she was ever this way but then again, she was just in her teens. Still, look at where Mom Sharon is now in the acting department. You likewise need to give her credit for her longevity and marketability to this very day.

Oh well, there will be more movies for KC and Richard in the coming years given that their movie appears to be a certified box office hit. Still, I do hope that the future movies will have more creative stories because after awhile, star quality and beautiful scenery will just need to fade away. All that will count then -- will be pure, unadulterated talent. Will KC go the way of Sharon and even, say Juday? We'll see.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, September 7, 2008]

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