La Carmela de Boracay's Dinner Buffet

On our last night in Boracay during our 2008 summer vacation, we decided to treat ourselves to a buffet. We had two requirements: something that would not require us to walk too far (we had a complaining 6-year old with us) and one which was reasonably priced.

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After looking over the near-by buffets (relatively near to Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel that is), we ended up at La Carmela de Boracay. There was another nearby buffet (I forget the name of the place now), which was charging P275 per head for adults and P145 for kids. It had a good choice of viands, including oysters and grilled chicken. The price also included a serving of iced tea.

The buffet price at Carmela de Boracay (the resort has a swimming pool slide by the way -- nothing glitzy but still attractive to kids like mine) was much lower. It was P240 for adults and P120 for kids. That price included flowing (all you can drink) juice and mongolian, aside from the other viands. Nothing stands out in my memory now and all I can remember is that the food was edible and filling. I mean for a price of P240 per head, I guess we can't expect an extraordinary meal.

All that I remember now is the watery corn soup. I recall it since I didn't like it very much but my hard-to-please-during-meals-daughter did. I think she got 3 or 4 cups of soup during the night. So even if I wasn't too happy with the whole buffet, sulit na din. When Ali's happy...Mom's happy too.

By the way, if you are going for the Mongolian, try to be attentive to the number that comes with your dish when they serve it. Our server made a mistake and served us the wrong number. When he realized that he gave us the wrong plate, it was too late. We had started eating it already. Anyway, I wonder if they served the other person our plate?

After dinner, we headed back to our resort but not before stopping by the big Tourist Center. The Tourist Center has toilets and we got some souvenir shirts for the kids. We also bought a Boracay bag as one of our bags got destroyed -- the strap gave way.

All's well that ends well.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, August 24, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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