What We Liked About Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel

We begin with the positive things about Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel. Here they are:

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1. It's a 10-minute walk to the main beach. Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel is not located on the beachfront. You'll need to walk for about 10 minutes (one way) on a narrow, dirt road to get to the main beach. I've read other write-ups which say it's a 5-minute walk to the beach but with a 6-year old kid in tow, believe me, it's more like 10 minutes.

I'm a person who likes walking so I welcomed the opportunity to exercise daily. Since it is far from the beach, once inside the resort (the surroundings outside are another matter), it is quiet, private, and secluded. We've stayed at beachfront resorts before and believe me when I say that it is far from private. Strangers and vendors walk back and forth and constantly offer you boating services, massage services, etc., etc.

2. The resort is visually appealing once inside. The rooms are nice and clean. The lawns are nicely maintained and landscaped. There are lots of greens and even the designs in the bathroom and the flooring look so "tropical."

3. The staff are friendly but not overly attentive. The staff members give you good service but also keep their distance. They give you what you need in a courteous and friendly manner while leaving you alone and not making you feel that they are watching your every move. From the front desk (I forget their names now but the three ladies there look like triplets or look like they are related but they are not); to the coffee shop; to the spa -- we liked them. Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel also has a koi pond. We inquired one time if the kids could feed the fish and they made arrangements so my kids could enjoy that. Manong gave my kids fish pellets one morning and my kids had a blast. We also got an extra 15 minutes at the videoke room even if we started later than the appointed time. Then again, their videoke rates are quite high but that's alright.

4. The pool is perfect. The pool is nice and well-maintained and heated! We particularly liked the temperature of the water in the late afternoons and early evenings so we all enjoyed the water without shivering! The floor of the pool is not slippery and the over-all design was good.

5. The breakfast buffet is nice and filling. Our room booking came with buffet breakfast and all four of us liked it. From pancakes, to viands like pork adobo and chili con carne, breads and jams, omelette, cereal, fruits and eggs, as well as juices, we enjoyed the food every morning. My personal favorites were the scrambled egg (very tasty and wet, with lots of onions and tomatoes), the crispy fish with vinegar, and the pork adobo which had lots of sauce and fat. Ang sarap. Mataas sa kolesterol pero masarap.

6. The rate for the massage was reasonable. They charge P500 for a 1-hour massage which you can get in your room or at the Health Spa. I chose to have mine at the Health Spa so I won't be distracted by the kids. The place was nice and quiet and the massage soothing. I've had massages before in other resorts and although the quality was probably comparable, I know the P500 is reasonable when it comes to resort rates.

That's what we liked at Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel. Our stay was not perfect though so tomorrow, hopefully, we can talk about areas for improvement or what we did not like. Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, June 28, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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