Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar

I have read several write-ups (including a few fights too) on Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar on the internet that when we finally had the chance to go to Trinoma Mall, we decided to have lunch there. How was it?

It was okay. Nothing earth-shaking -- just okay. Off-hand, I'd say that this place proves that a catchy name, a cute logo and enough buzz from other people can work wonders for your business.

My first comment is that it is quite expensive. For the food that they offer and for the quality of the food, this is not the place to go to if you are watching your budget. In our case, we were two adults and two kids and we spent about P500 per head. So, even if we thought some of the items were quite good, relative to the price, we've eaten at better, more reasonably-priced places.

Did we particularly like anything (not considering the price)? The La Gondola Pizza was nice. It had a generous amount of toppings and the sauce was tomato-ey and creamy. The serving size is small though. Only 4 teeny-tiny slices at P295.00.

The milk shakes were also something we enjoyed as they actually had a malt-y taste. Just like the pizza, it was a bit "bitin" and at a price of P165.00 per, you do expect them to be good.

The primavera sandwich was a welcome order with its healthy, clean taste -- with pesto, zucchini, gruyere cheese and eggplant. It did come with chips though which are totally not healthy but as I always say, "you've got to live a little."

Those were the things we enjoyed the most. As to our other orders, of the three soups we ordered, the tomato soup was the best, the prawn bisque a bit salty and the cream of corn a bit bland. The vongole pasta was cooked al dente but it would have been better if it was wetter. The blueberry rumble came with bits that were much too hard on the teeth. The order that we were really not happy with was the Fried Chicken which I think, at P365.00 should have been perfect! It looked good but when we started to cut it up, we saw that the meat inside was still bloody. We requested our server to bring it back to the kitchen and have it cooked some more. We waited a bit and it did come back cooked but I guess, when it comes to chicken, Chicken Joy and Max's would be my best bets.

Will we go back to Five Cows? Maybe for merienda -- a milk shake and a pizza or sandwich. Maybe we can also try their ice cream and other cake concoctions too. For a full meal? I think we will try the other eating places instead.

Here are a few photos of Five Cows and Trinoma Mall.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, April 27, 2008]

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