The Yamzon Arabit Olmedo Bautista Family Reunion 2008

Our clan on my father's side had another reunion last February 16, 2008. It was held this time at the Makati Sports Club.

I guess getting together with your family and relatives during a reunion is much better than seeing your loved ones during a wake or when someone is sick -- as is usually the case.

The event started at about 4pm with a mass. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Yniguez. Representatives from the four families of the clan were assigned to do the readings and the offertory during the mass.

Congratulations are in order for my cousins who were part of the organizing committee. They exerted a lot of effort, meeting regularly throughout the year, just to conceptualize and plan the whole event. They seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Already, there are talks of yet another reunion next year! This year's reunion was more successful than last year's -- with this year's attendance reaching 156 people. There were 30 attendees from the Arabit clan; 42 from the Bautistas; 31 from the Yamzons and the winner in terms of highest number of attendees for this year -- the Olmedos at 53 attendees! There were even attendees from US, Europe, and Asia.

Everybody enjoyed the buffet dinner and the 4 lechons (roasted pig). There were raffle and cash prizes throughout the program that night -- hosted by Gigi Bautista Travers and Jaybee Yamzon Ancheta. Talented members from the clan performed for everyone who attended: JC Gomez and Tom Nepomuceno played the piano; Gabriel Kho had a sax number; and Mika Bautista played the violin. There were likewise games for everybody.

I particularly enjoyed two numbers though -- the song by the Yamzons (composed by very talented Aloy Yamzon) and the dance number of the Olmedos.

The song composed by Aloy focused on ang "mga original na taga-Taguig." ("the original who are from Taguig") The lyrics had portions which went like this: "Ang original na pogi...Ang original na sweet tooth..." I particularly liked the part which went: "Wag kang magtataka kung ika'y tumataba..." ("Don't wonder if you start to gain weight...") It was a very funny and catchy song, with an upbeat tune and light lyrics but I appreciated it since I could feel the sincere and genuine pride and affection that the performers felt for their family and for Taguig. That's how its supposed to be, right?

As for the Olmedos, they had a dance number, complete with bright orange and yellow umbrellas as props. Family members, young and mature alike, danced to tunes like Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Dancing Queen, and songs from High School Musical.

There was likewise a slide show prepared by the Yamzon family featuring photos of the different clans. The song accompanying the slide show was composed again by Aloy (I told you he was talented!) and talked about carrying on and building on what remains even as we remember how things were before.

Bettina Olmedo, wife of famed painter, Onib Olmedo likewise had a brief presentation on the life and art of Onib Olmedo.

There was also a Dance Master whose dance moves people at the reunion were supposed to follow. It was very clear to see which family was least likely to perform. My husband actually said at what point: "The Bautistas are not moving..." Buti na lang, nandyan si Alyssa at si Manuel. =)

It was a great night to be together. These reunions always show us that life is about family and relationships. Show me who your relatives are and I'll show you who you are. Kaya pala. Am I grateful to God for my relatives. Lahi talaga kami ng mga talentado.

Till the next reunion. If you are part of the clan (o kung likas lang kayong tsismoso o uzi) and you would like to view photos of the reunion, please visit: Here's what I also wrote about the 2007 reunion.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, March 9, 2008]

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