The Yummiest, Thinnest Lengua de Gato

Do you like lengua de gato? I do. Lengua de gato translates to cat's tongue and is the name for a kind of biscuit that is made out of flour, eggs, and butter, I suppose.

I'm no expert when it comes to cooking or baking but I know yummy lengua de gato when I taste it.

You can order lengua de gato from Jenny Rose at 20 Swallow Drive, Greenmeadows Avenue, Quezon City. You may reach her at 633 0042 or 43 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Depending on where you are located and how much you order, they may be able to deliver. It is best to call up personally and inquire.

Their lengua de gato comes in a white plastic container (which is placed in a cute and attractive, floral orange or yellow box) and the label says that the gross weight is 400 grams. Why do I like their lengua de gato? It's the thinnest that I've ever tasted; not too sweet; and it really melts in your mouth. Unless I exercise some amount of self-control, I can actually probably finish the whole package in one sitting.

The pack is quite expensive or pricey (P350 per pack) considering the amount of lengua de gato that you get but I guess, that's the price you have to pay for really good lengua de gato. If you are looking to give it away for this coming Christmas, I am sure that the recipient will be very happy so what price are you willing to pay for the happiness of a relative or a friend?

Aside from lengua de gato, they also offer pastillas de leche, food for the gods, and bread with homemade cheese pimiento dip. I've tried the pastillas de leche and they were okay but my favorite is still the lengua de gato. Over-all pricing is quite high but the products look quite classy.

If you do get to order from them and try them out, please let Jenny Rose know that you found out about the product here on

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, November 12, 2007]

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