WJ Fantasy Do-Re-Mi Blocks

Do you want to keep your kids moving, active, and do you want them to develop an early liking for music? Then you may want to check out WJ Fantasy Do-Re-Mi Blocks.

This is a set of bigger-than-usual blocks that kids may re-arrange and stack on their own. The top of each block has a metal bar, which when struck, functions much like a xylophone. Your kids can then move about while rearranging or stacking the blocks and they can also play an instrument at the same time.

The blocks also have attractive, colorful designs. One side of each block shows or teaches kids the different instruments that make up an orchestra, for example. The set of 8 blocks comes in its own carrying case.

The toy is recommended for kids aged 2 and up. Price, depending on the supplier, ranges from USD 19 to USD 25.

To learn more about the blocks and to have an idea as to how they look, you can visit www.babyclassroom.com

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, November 3, 2007]

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