Breastfeeding and Your Child's Personality

If you are a mother, did you breastfeed your child? Do you remember how your child was as he or she was being breastfed?

Someone remarked to me a few months ago that how a child is when he or she breastfeeds can be a good indication of how that child will be as he or she grows up. The person then commented on one of her kids whom she said was a very aggressive feeder. Another child was more relaxed while being breastfed and now that the kids are bigger, the more aggressive child as an infant, is now more active and is really a go-getter. The more relaxed infant is now also more laid back and not as active.

Do you think there is some truth to this theory of hers? How were your children as you were breastfeeding them? How are they today?

I have a tendency to believe that to a certain extent, the statement is true, by just looking at my two kids. They are just so different personality-wise and even when they were being fed as kids, the same was also true.

So, for new nursing mothers out there -- be attentive to how your kids are as you breastfeed them. This may be a good indicator of how they will turn out in the near future. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata! =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, November 1, 2007]

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