Playtex Nurser with NaturaLatch

The campaign for breastfeeding has gotten more active in recent years. Any mother who has nursed her baby has probably heard of the term "nipple confusion."

That's what happens when babies or infants get accustomed to a feeding bottle first before the mother's breast. They may get used to the feel of the feeding bottle nipple (assuming that that's the one they get to try first) that subsequently, they may refuse to feed from the mother's breast because it feels, well, different.

This is the reason why several feeding bottle manufacturers try to design their bottles in such a way to address this issue. One such product that aims to do this is the Playtex Nurser which is said to work like the breast compared to other bottles. It is said to have NaturaLatch which they say, is as close as possible to the shape and texture of a mother's breast.

So, if you are determined to breast feed your child or if you need to pump milk and keep it in stock while you are at work, then why don't you get hold of the Playtex Nurser? As they always say, "Breast is always best for babies."

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, October 15, 2007]

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