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Quite recently, I had to review my medical records. I found myself going through several envelopes and folders and although the papers were all in one place, and I knew where to find them, the whole activity was still quite tiring.

Have you heard of It is a service available in the US which keeps your health information organized. You sign up, are given a user ID, and you put in your password, and then you can already enter into the system your medical history. Should you give permission to the doctor attending to you, then the doctor or the hospital can access all your records in a jiffy.

The service is free and is said to be used by US-based physicians. They say it is confidential and secure although it can be quite unnerving to know that your medical records are just somewhere there.

Still, if you are US based, it may be worth trying. It may save you a lot of time and stress the next time you need to dig up needed medical information.

You can learn more about the service at

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, October 9, 2007]

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