Global Positioning System

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio navigation system formed by satellites and ground stations. While we were in the U.S. for our vacation, we saw first-hand what it could do.

Some cars will have the GPS installed. Should you happen to have this system in your car, you can just key in the address of the place where you want to go and it will tell you where to pass and how to get there. It will show you what streets to take, where to turn, and it will even calculate the approximate time that it will take you to get there.

This system is perfect for individuals like me who don't know how to read or interpret maps. =) It is also perfect for those who may be driving in an unfamiliar place but have to get around. If you belong to that category of people, just rent a car with a GPS!

Here in the Philippines, I have also seen the ads for 3rdEye GPS. In their ads, the company promoting the product focuses on the business side of things. With a GPS, they state that you will be able to know where your people are; how much time they spent at a particular place; cut your costs; and increase your productivity. Does this mean that professions (e.g. sales) which require a lot of going around can be more easily monitored now?

If you are interested to learn more about 3rdEye GPS, you may call them at +63 (2) 416 0936 to 0938. You can also visit their website at

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, August 21, 2007]

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