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My brother and his family moved into their new house recently. Their kids have been excited over the last few months that they've been itching to move from their condominium to their new home.

Moving house in the Philippines, however, ain't that simple. A lot of old folks' suggestions abound. I don't know if it has anything to do with our Chinese ties and what they typically call feng shui, but your parents and grandparents are sure to give you several do's and don'ts when you decide to move house.

Like you need to move in when the moon is getting larger than smaller. (Kailangan papalaki ang buwan.) Do not move in when the month does not have 31 days. The number of steps as you enter your house must land on oro (gold) or plata (silver) but not on mata (has something to do with death). So make sure that the number of steps as you enter your house should never land on a multiple of 3. Wednesday or Saturday is the best day for moving in. When you move in, make sure you have containers filled to the brim with rice, sugar, and salt.

There are a lot of other beliefs which I think are Chinese in origin. Like keeping a certain number of coins in a red box or putting coins as they lay the foundation of your house. All of the above are said to be for good luck -- even if rationally, we really cannot explain them.

More important than all the above, however, is to focus on the Source of all goodness and grace. Say a prayer of blessing for your household and for your family and am sure, everything will turn out well. If you happen to be Catholic, have the house blessed as soon or even before you move in, the "house blessing" party can just follow at a more appropriate date.

I have moved houses 2 times in my life and every move is taxing and tiring but it always brings us to a better place. A lot like life's changes huh?

I am reminded of a conversation that I had with my dad just a few months ago. We were in the car and we passed by the area where my parents had their first home. My dad forgot that I never saw that first house of theirs and I had to remind him that the New Manila house we had before was the first one I saw. He then said: "Suwerte ka pala. Hindi ka naghirap." (You are lucky. You never went through a difficult time.)

I am told the first house was small and cramped and it had to hold my parents, my 4 brothers, and their help. You've got to start somewhere though. I wonder when I will ever have my own house? All in God's good time. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, July 26, 2007]

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