Where's Manuel?

If you followed our Los Angeles and San Francisco vacation series, you would have noticed that most of the few pictures that we put up of the trip were of myself and the kids. Where was Daddy Manuel?

Was he on the trip? Kasali ba siya?

Most guys, and this is my guess, prefer to stay behind the camera and take the pictures than be part of the photo. Most women, on the other hand, would rather have their photos taken than be the one to do the clicking (or even the uploading of the photos!).

Well, can't help it. Manuel takes better photos than I do. And the few times that I do convince him to pose for a photo or two, he ends up giving me suggestions on where to stand, what angle to take it from that I end up not wanting to take the photo anymore. That's why well-meaning folks, who during our trips offer to take our family photo probably end up surprised when Manuel still opts to take a photo of us himself (instead of joining us right away). He wants to take a photograph his style. =)

Speaking of photos, have you noticed that with the advent of the digital camera age, we're just taking so many photos like never before? Since we can just click away like crazy (and we do), we take all sorts of photos that we probably never would have taken had we been using the traditional camera with a roll of film. Now I end up spending more on pictures that I want printed compared to before. It also takes longer to decide and organize which to print, unless you print everything and which will cost you a fortune. It just seems such a pity to keep all your photos in your hard disk and not be able to whip them out for friends and relatives when needed, unless you have your computer nearby.

Oh well. What do we have a digital camera for if we don't take tons of photos?

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 11, 2007]

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