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So, have you already made up your mind on whom to vote for in the coming May 2007 elections? I haven't.

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I go over the list of candidates and am sorry to see the same old names and faces. How many senators do I need to vote for? Do I really need to choose 12? I thought I had three already but just a few days ago, I learned that Danton Remoto has been classified by the Comelec as a nuisance candidate.

One candidate that I am inclined to vote for is Dr. Martin Bautista of Kapatiran. I don't know him personally (and am not related to him, of course) but I think he has an interesting story to tell. He is a UP College of Medicine graduate (1989) and is a US-trained gastroenterologist. Recently, he came back home from the US with his wife, a pulmonologist and their 4 daughters. He states in newspaper reports that he would rather spend his time now doing something good for our country, the Philippines.

Here's a new face, a new name, and a non-politician. My favorite writer and columnist Conrado de Quiros has already written two columns about voting for Dr. Martin Bautista. Even if he does not win, if he is able to get a significant number of votes, then that sends a clear message to both the administration and the opposition that we have had it with most of them.

Who else am I voting for? Sonia Roco. It's no secret that I voted for Raul Roco in the last presidential elections and since Sonia Roco's thrust is also education, then she has my vote.

Here's a quote from Dr. Martin Bautista:

"I invite all of you to join me. I am personally willing to bet everything material that I possess that if we ordinary citizens were to become aware that the power to change our country lies in each of us, then we can all work together in redeeming our Philippines. All the political dynasties with their innumerable guns, armies of goons, unlimited gold, and Comelec will not stop an idea whose time has come."

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, March 6, 2007] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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