Lea Salonga: Inspired

We got hold of the latest CD of Lea Salonga called Inspired and boy, do we feel old. Happy but old.

Can this really be the kid who sang: "I love milk and I love KLIM so rich and so creamy..." Or the girl who sang Tomorrow as Annie?

The CD contains 12 songs -- all slow, romantic songs and all sang so beautifully. The arrangements are new and each song features Lea Salonga with her clear, clean voice, performing so effortlessly. It's the perfect CD for a quiet evening at home, safe and free from traffic jams on Valentine's Day. =)

Songs included in the CD are as follows: Who Are You; To Hear You Say You Love Me (she makes even a door mat-y song sound great -- I mean "...do you know that I live for the chance to hear you say you love me..."; Two Words (her wedding song); Sing; Waiting For Love; My Foolish Heart; Do You Hear It; Brian's Song; When The Winter's Gone; When October Goes; Land of the Loving; and Promise Me.

My own personal favorites are Land of the Loving, When The Winter's Gone, and Sing. Sing, here, is not sang in the usual light and kiddie way but is performed in a unique, slow manner. Lea Salonga's voice here is lower, fuller, and sexier! Motherhood truly becomes her.

So if you are on the look out for a romantic CD to keep or to give away, do check out Inspired. You are sure to be... inspired. Now, wouldn't it be great if Lea Salonga sang the really romantic Filipino love songs? Or did she do that already?

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, February 15, 2007]

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