Marriage and Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day in advance everybody! On this occasion, I would like to share a reflection on marriage shared by Mr. Onofre Pangsanghan of the Ateneo.

This was actually shared to him by a taxi driver on a long road trip that he took before.

Marriage, in Filipino, can translate to Pag-aasawa.

Please bear the Filipino word in mind as we will refer to parts of it as we go along. This is best shared in Filipino as it is a play on portions of the word pag-aasawa. I will try and translate it later on in English but of course, it will not be as clever, nor as amusing:

"Kapag bagong kasal, kayo ay tunay na ASAWA. Mahal na mahal, laging kasama.

Dadating ang mga pagsubok at mayroon pang ASA. Konting areglo lang, tuloy ang ligaya.

Sa pagtagal, naubusan na ng gana at pasensya, AWA na lang ang natira.

Sa paglipas ng panahon, ayaw na ayaw nang talaga, sukang-suka na, SAWA na.

At sa huling-huli, WA na."


"When you are newly married, you are a real spouse or partner (ASAWA) to each other. You love each other and would like to always be together. Over time, you will face difficulties and challenges but you still have hope (ASA). You can discuss things and your happiness will continue. Over the years, you may lose enthusiasm and patience, and may just feel pity (AWA) for your spouse. The time may come when you cannot stand the other person anymore as you have had it or are fed up already (SAWA). In the end, nothing (WA) is left."

So husband and wives, at which phase do you find yourselves? It's a challenge to stay or get stuck at the ASAWA phase, right? Well, no one said it would be easy (hindi nga kaning isusubo...) but it isn't impossible.

May your lives always be filled with love. To all married couples who take the time and effort to make their marriages and relationships work, just keep at it. Happy Valentine's Day and may tomorrow bring back all your beautiful memories that have kept you going all these years. Keep working and loving. God bless.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, February 13, 2007]

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