PBCom and Western Union Money Transfer

"Western Union Money Transfer -- the fastest way to send and receive money worldwide." That's what it said on the sign outside a PBCom Bank branch. I was at this branch of PBCom in our area as I needed to transact using Western Union.

I confirmed with the staff at the teller's booth that they did offer Western Union services. All three female staff who were in the area said yes but one followed it up with: "Kaya lang ho, wala kaming forms." (We cannot transact because we do not have the needed forms.)

Here is how the conversation exchange went:

Angel: Walang forms, so hindi puwede. (You don't have the forms so that means I cannot transact using Western Union?)

PBCom Bank Staff: Hindi ho. (It's not possible to transact.)

Angel: E kelan kayo magkakaforms? (When will you have the needed forms?)

PBCom Bank Staff: Hindi ho namin alam. (We don't know.)

Angel: Hindi nyo alam? Walang schedule? (You don't know? There is no schedule?)

PBCom Bank Staff: Wala ho, e. (There's no schedule.)

I was trying hard to be patient so even though I wanted to say a mouthful, I just left. Before I left, the PBCom Bank staff tried to help by pointing me to one of the malls in the area. I replied by saying that this particular branch was more conveniently located but thank you for the information.

So, Western Union is the fastest way to send and receive money worldwide -- if you have the needed forms. I would have appreciated some effort to find out when the forms would come. A phone call to the party supplying the forms to check would have been enough. As it was, I guess they were content just waiting for the forms to arrive.

Anyway, am on the look out for another Western Union branch and will let you know how that turns out when I do get around to taking care of it.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, February 8, 2007]

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