Christmas Gift Suggestions for Babies (0-12 Months)

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I am sure everyone is starting to do their Christmas lists and that you are ready to do some Christmas shopping. From time to time, till December, please watch this space for some gift suggestions to help you out -- classified by category of recipients.

Babies are still quite young to appreciate grand or complicated gifts. Gifts given to them should allow them to use their senses of sight, hearing, and touch. You might also choose to give gifts that their parents can use like: photo albums, scrapbooks, or picture frames -- as this age is one of the "most photographed" phases of a person's life.

For the kid himself or herself, this is the perfect time to give clothes ! They can't complain or look irritated yet. Though babies are not yet very mobile (at least here in the Philippines), they do need some clothes that they can wear to the Christmas reunion or to that out of town trip. Choose clothes that are a size or two sizes bigger so the child can grow into it and use it for a longer period. It is also much more convenient for the parents to have their babies wear shirts that can be opened up near the neck area. Just make sure the buttons or the snaps are attached well as we don't want those to choke the baby!

As for the toys and other items which you may want to consider, how about choosing from any of the following:

1. Toys that make sounds like rattles, squeeze toys, etc. to stimulate a baby's sense of hearing.

2. Plush toys or soft toys (like balls) that baby can throw about or touch. Just make sure though that the recipient is not prone to allergies or does not have asthma.

3. Anything with a mirror! Babies like to look at their reflection. I've seen some books where there is a section where babies can look at themselves. The mirror is not even the break-able kind.

4. Toys that baby can manipulate with their little hands -- just make sure that the parts are not removeable or baby might choke on them. Anything that can move, make a sound, or has a bright color (primary colors like red, blue, and yellow are better) would be welcome.

5. Cloth or vinyl picture books so they can be chewed on, crushed, mashed. Books for bath time can also be fun!

6. Bath toys -- cups, boats, toys that move in water. All these can distract baby's attention while taking a bath so bath time will be more enjoyable.

7. Jewelry -- small earrings, ID bracelets, coral bracelets (usually given by those of Chinese descent). The coral bracelets are said to show a baby's state of health. If the bracelet is bright orange, the baby is said to be in perfect health. If the color is a bit dull, the baby may be a little sick. It is also a belief that the coral bracelets can help keep baby healthy.

8. Bible -- it is never too early to start giving a Bible to a baby, particularly if the baby is your godchild. In this way, you can ensure that your godchild will have a Bible ready when he or she is old enough to read and understand it.

9. A savings account -- instead of just giving a child money, you may want to open a bank account for him or her so she can start the habit of saving early enough.

There you go! In the next few days, we'll see what we can give toddlers from 1 to 2 years old. Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, November 2, 2006]

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