Pyro and Batista on Wish Ko Lang, November 4, 2006

So, did you get to watch Pyro meet Batista on the evening news? If you missed that, and would like to watch the whole story behind the meeting, try and catch GMA-7's show called Wish Ko Lang ("I Just Wish...)

Wish Ko Lang, hosted by Vicki Morales, is a show where GMA 7 grants the requests of chosen viewers. It can be a request or a wish to be reunited with an old friend or relative, some material item, and in this case, the wish of a cancer-stricken child to meet his wrestling idol, Batista.

The episode will air on November 4, 2006. I tried to check what time the show airs on Saturdays, but the website of the show just said, Saturdays after Star Talk. Star Talk is yet another showbiz gossip or entertainment show. Don't you just miss the old days when the TV channels specified the time of their shows rather than saying, Mondays after so and so and so forth? They do that so you will stay glued to their channel, I suppose.

Anyway, catch Wish Ko Lang on November 4 and watch how Pyro's wish came true. All the best to you Pyro. May our wishes for your full and complete healing be granted too. God bless you. God bless Cat and all the wonderful people who wish you well. =)

Contact info for Wish Ko Lang:

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 26, 2006]

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