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We have started to set up other blogs for better focus regarding certain topics. For my other articles, you may want to visit:

This site features topics that are of interest to me, in line with the things that I do or used to do. Here, you will find topics about:

1. Credit Rating -- I lived and breathed credit rating in the past 14 years. In the past 7 years or so that I have been doing presentations on credit rating, there are some frequently asked questions or areas of concern. I will be writing about these aspects over the next few months (without writing about anything confidential, of course). I should be able to save my previous colleagues some precious time in answering the "typical questions."

2. Writing -- Is it obvious yet that I do like to write? We will feature writing workshops, writing books, writing contests, etc.

3. Jobs and Careers -- In the past 18 years that I have been working, I have learned tons of lessons that may be of use to individuals who are just starting out their careers. Read about tips and varied work experiences that may be of help to you.

4. Customer Service -- It is my hope that all suppliers be able to serve their customers and clients effectively, efficiently, and pleasantly. Here, we give both positive and negative feedback for particular suppliers.

5. Teaching Our Kids Tips -- Before being an employee or consultant, I am a mother first and foremost -- a mother who has to contend with school activities and homework. Training is an area that is of interest to me, career-wise. If you can teach kids, you can teach adults.

6. From My Inbox -- We all get inspiring text messages, email from time to time. In this stress-filled world, we need encouragement every now and then so do take a peek as to what I got in my inbox.

There you go. To all the regular readers of angelhouser or to those who land here because they were searching for something, a big thank you. Do check out as well.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 18, 2006]

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