Halloween Treats

The Halloween trick or treat tradition has already caught on here in the Philippines. So, are you now preparing your candies to give away to the kids who may be knocking on your doors?

Candy can be real bad for the teeth. Considering that most of the households will already be giving candy, you may want to give the kids something else. Here are some alternative treats which you may want to consider:

1. Cereal: Kids usually like cereal like Milo and Koko Krunch. You can buy those small foil pouches or small boxes.

2. Chewable vitamins: Kids like chewable vitamins like Flinstones or Cetrinets (with the Hello Kitty design).

3. Small items like: cute stickers, sticker tattoos, stamp sets, bubble blower with solution, pens with invisible ink and for girls, you can also give them clips or ponytail holders while for boys, you may want to give water balloons (without the water yet, of course).

4. Cookies: something healthy like oatmeal cookies.

5. Time: spend time playing with your kids. Join them in a board game or in a sport. Take them to the playground. Am sure that will be a real treat for them.

So, trick or treat? Whatever it is, have a happy halloween!

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, October 17, 2006]

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