Life is a Series of Tests

From blood tests to school tests. Sorry folks for that long break but the two kids only went back to school yesterday.

Yes, they have recovered from their infections (one viral, one bacterial) although they are still on antibiotic these days. I think typhoon Milenyo left a lot of bugs in the air.

Thanks for all your prayers. We were so relieved that it was not dengue although we did do the mandatory blood tests. It was in and out of the hospital for a day or two for blood tests and consultations with doctors. Still, all's well that ends well.

Please take care of yourselves. The bugs are getting nastier. Doctors say that certain viral infections can last 7-10 days now and my son took about 6 days to get back to perfect health. Rest your eyes to recover faster. If you can afford it, don't watch TV or even read. Just rest and sleep and you'll recover faster.

So, lots of lost sleep for me. It didn't help that my kids seemed to have so many symptoms -- from nosebleeds, to vomiting, to coughs. Truly not a pretty sight. And when there are two of them who are sick at the same time, the blog just gets thrown out the window. =)

Am glad to be back. Exam week? We can handle that.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 11, 2006]

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