Awaiting Blood Test Results

Both kids have been down with fever and other unwelcome symptoms since Tuesday. Given that it is dengue season, we thought it would be best to have those routine blood tests done -- CBC and platelet count.

We were at the hospital earlier today and both kids bravely survived their blood extraction. Results will be out five hours from then, so I will be back in the hospital by about 4:30pm. We didn't have to wait too long. Both kids were done with their tests in about an hour. Now, we just wait.

Please include my kids in your prayers for healing and good health. I hope it's just a viral thing. There seems to be a pretty bad bug going around these days.

I've been trying to keep the kids apart in the last few days and just this morning, I had to remind my daughter again. "Don't go near kuya. He's still sick." (Kuya is older brother in Filipino.)

My bright daughter, of course responded: "So, why are you going near kuya?"

I could only laugh while answering: "Because I'm the mommy. I need to take care of kuya."

The joys of motherhood -- playing "nurse" to the max -- and I didn't have to take a Board exam where some of the answers were leaked.

Stay healthy, everybody!

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 5, 2006]

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