Of Blogs, Pyro, and Batista

Cat writes in her September 16, 2006 entry about Pyro, a 3-year old brave boy sick of cancer who wishes to meet Batista, the Filipino-Greek wrestler. She likewise sent me e-mail saying that she has requested bloggers to write about it in a sort of blog brigade.

Here it is Cat. We remember how Cat wrote about our daughter Ali (when she was sick with Kawasaki) and even called Manuel up during that time. We appreciated her prayers and her request to her readers for prayers.

Kids really should not get sick but they do. So, on this little corner of the web, we ask all readers to say a prayer for Pyro. It would be a great bonus if he did get to meet Batista -- but more than that, we pray for healing, for strength, and for faith enough to keep the flame of hope continuously burning.

We shall see if the blogs get Pyro his wish. More than the power of the blogs though, there is the power of prayer. God bless you and your family Pyro. May our wishes for your healing come true.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, September 18, 2006]

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