Affordable Blood Tests in Metro Manila

Lab or more specifically, blood tests, can cost you a fortune if you have it done in the hospital. Add to that the waiting that you will have to go through just to get the tests done and to wait for the results too.

You may want to consider Asiatic Medical Laboratories, Inc. They do home service although am not quite sure which particular areas they cover. They are located at 808 Ongpin St. Room 405, Manila. If you are Manila-based, you may call 733-3087 or 733-3072.

My parents have had their regular blood chemistry and other tests done by Asiatic. They have their tests every 6 months. They usually ask the Asiatic staff to come at about 6am or 7am. You can have the test in the comfort of your own home and after, they will deliver the results in a few days -- assuming they're in your area again.

I guess the blood tests will also be routine for me now as I am closely watching my cholesterol levels. Last August, my husband and I did the whole round of blood tests (for cholesterol, CBC, sugar, uric acid, kidney/liver indicators -- I forget the letters or the terminology now) and it only cost the two of us P2,320 and we didn't even have to go through traffic. You can also have your blood type taken and they can give you a card which you can put in your wallet. This way, if ever you find yourself in an emergency or accident, they can take a look at your card and give you the right kind of blood, if needed.

If possible, you may want to ask for Merlie Viņas. She's the one who services us. Very friendly lady and she takes your blood painlessly and efficiently.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, September 14, 2006]

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