The Top 8 Things I Will Not Miss About My Job

There are things you miss. There are things you don't miss. Even if I thoroughly enjoyed my former job, there are certain aspects of it that I am just so glad to let go of:

1. Going through traffic as I drive to and from work.
2. Having to file for a leave when I am sick or when I need to go to my kids' schools or when I need to bring them to the doctor.
3. Unreasonable/Tight deadlines
4. Pressure from dealing with customers, who, to my mind, "are always right."
5. Inability to go shopping on weekdays
6. Lack of time to meet friends, be with family, or read non-work related stuff
7. Rushing home everyday to help the kids with schoolwork even when you are dead tired from work.
8. Work-related stress from anything, anywhere, anyone, anytime.

If money were of no object (that's not the world we live in, yes -- I know), what would I be doing? I have often said that I would probably be clerking in a travel agency or will probably take on a writing job. Anyway, we'll see what the future holds. Life is truly exciting! =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, September 5, 2006]

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