The Top 8 Things I Will Miss About My Job

It's my second day (am referring to working days or week days) of being a stay-at-home mom. Am still adjusting to the pace and somehow, the feel of not having an office to go to, is just so different.

What are the top things that I will miss about my job? (These are listed in no particular order)

1. My salary (!) every 15th and end of the month.
2. Paid for travel and training
3. Meeting new people, day in and day out
4. Learning new things
5. Access to information that most people don't have access to.
6. Talking about showbiz chismis (gossip, in other words) every Monday
7. Reading on the job (yes, as analysts, we actually get paid or we are actually expected to read the newspapers during office hours!)
8. My friends/officemates

Oh well. Tomorrow, I'll think about the things that I will not miss. =) Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, September 4, 2006]

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