Fuel Discount - P1 Per Liter Off the Price of Gasoline

Everyone complains about the continuing increase in the price of fuel. I seem to remember a time when fuel price was just in the teens per liter. Now it's more than P40 per liter! Before you know it, some politician will be using fuel prices as an indicator of how the economy is doing (even if we really have no control over them) -- similar to the exchange rate and the price of galunggong.

I have long heard of discounts given to jeepney drivers or public utility vehicles for their diesel and gasoline. Yesterday, I had to stop to get gas as my fuel was really running low. The closest gasoline station I could find was the Shell gas station at the corner of Buendia (ok, now known as Gil Puyat) and Edsa. What do you know? They were giving fuel discount cards! My card was number 2,786. I inquired about the card -- well, the gasoline boys were waving it furiously, you could not miss it -- (you don't need to do anything -- just sign for it) and it gives you a P1 discount per liter on Super Premium and Super Unleaded gasoline, P0.50 per liter for Diesoline Ultra and a 10% discount on lubes and car care products. Not bad, right? My card is good until December 18, 2006 (that's 4 months) although it does say that the company has the discretion to discontinue the fuel discounting at any time.

So, if you happen to be in the Makati area and are in need of gasoline, you may want to try the Diwal EDSA Buendia Select & Gas Station at EDSA corner Buendia Avenue, Quezon City and ask about their fuel discount card. Hey, a peso's a peso. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, August 19, 2006]

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