Ball Jointed Dolls

Do you collect dolls? I used to, as a kid. I had a closet-full of dolls filled with walking dolls, talking dolls -- and all of them had names.

I even had clothes made for them as I had an aunt who loved to sew. So, I would change their clothes, comb and even shampoo their hair. I even cut the hair of one of my dolls (named Rosie) and actually waited for it to grow back. The crazy things you do as I child. Of course, I learned rather belatedly that doll's hair don't grow again after being cut.

I first heard about ball-jointed dolls from my office mate M. She has one such doll and is looking to collect more. Ball-jointed dolls are realistically-proportioned dolls (so I guess they're no Barbie), are quite big/tall in size, and are usually from South Korea and Japan.

The dolls are poseable -- I guess the ball jointed thing comes from being able to move their joints so they can strike a pose. They can also be customized with their different wigs, clothes, and make-up. The dolls are quite expensive -- my officemate's doll costs about several thousands of pesos while when I did a search on the internet, I saw dolls costing up to USD 650 apiece or even more! This type of collection is not for the penniless or peso-less. That's a big reason probably why this type of collection has not really picked up yet here in the Philippines. There's a group of ball-jointed doll collectors here in the Philippines which said that the number of such dolls in the country is only in the teens even after several years.

As the dolls are fully moveable, M. says some fine arts students use these dolls for their art/sketch work. Photographers too use them.

M. orders her dolls on the internet. Here in the Philippines, she recommends dollhauz. Dollhauz is located at 15 Luz St. in Quezon City and she says they have a showroom in Greenhills. For details and inquiries, you may try getting in touch with Dollhauz at +63 9155653326 or at +63 9175322967. Happy collecting!

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, August 5, 2006]

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