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Do you have 20/20 vision? I don't. I started wearing eyeglasses in highschool (that's more than 20 years ago!) and for a time, it bothered me.

I went through the "I must wear contact lenses stage." Eyeglasses just looked so "uncool." I started out by wearing soft contact lenses which was fine for a few years. Soft contact lenses are easy to wear, easy to remove, and are quite hassle-free. Unfortunately, my eyes started to react to my contact lenses and soon, my eyes got irritated, turned red, to the point that my opthalmologist asked me to stop wearing them altogether.

On to hard contact lenses which my eye doctor suggested I shift to. Hard contact lenses are better-fitted to your eyes, though they are harder to wear and harder to take off too. It takes longer to get use to hard contact lenses and at first, it feels like there's something bothersome stuck in your eyes. I didn't get to wear them for long too -- as my eyes started to react again. I was then left with no choice but to wear eyeglasses daily and to just reserve soft contact lenses (again!) for special occasions like weddings and parties.

It does not bother me now anymore that I regularly wear glasses. It must be my age and the fact that my busier lifestyle is made less complicated by just wearing glasses. Still, I should probably go out and get myself a new pair of contact lenses soon. My old ones need replacing. Maybe I'll try disposable or colored ones this time. In a few years, you'll find out how that turned out.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, March 10, 2006]

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