A Brave New World: My Dream Job

This month or starting February 1, I have moved from full-time employee to full-time consultant. What's in a name?

A position, by any other name, will have as much work, if not more.

Kidding aside, recent developments at work have gotten me to thinking about what my dream job would be like. Here's what I came up with:

1. Maximum travel time (one-way) of 15 minutes -- and that includes traffic.
2. Low-stress, high pay (Doesn't everybody just dream of that?)
3. With opportunities for travel
4. Allows me to write, when I like and about the topics I'm interested in
5. Heavy on planning, organizing, overseeing stuff -- less analyzing (we can die from overanalysis!)
6. Allows me to be the client, rather than the one serving the client.
7. Flexi-time allowed, output-oriented rather than "you have to log in 8 hours" oriented
8. Allows me to have a life, outside of work

What about you? What's your dream job? Have you given it a thought?

Life is always fluid. We move where the days bring us and where we have been is always something that we need to be a better person and a stronger individual. But as I have learned quite recently, our memories are better used for happy times and happy moments.

So, we shall see where the road ahead takes us. The journey can only get better. =)

On another note, I will be starting another blog soon. It will be called Busy Streets. Watch out for the link here at viloria.com

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, February 3, 2006]

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