Have you ever been a teacher? I taught for 4 years at U.P. Diliman and these days, I seem to be bumping into more of my students.

They are lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. Makes me feel kind of old. =)

I was at my grade school/high school recently and bumped into two of my teachers from way back (and do I mean way back -- something like 22 years ago?), Mrs. P (Math teacher) and Ms. O (Filipino and Araling Panlipunan teacher). It seemed like only yesterday and I felt like I was back to my high school days. So if teachers feel so old when they see their former students, I guess we students feel younger when we see our teachers.

Teaching really is a calling. You just don't do it for the heck of it (much less for the money) -- you really have to love it. Mrs. P. was saying that she was moved to some administrative position already but she pleaded with the school to put her back in the classroom too. She says it's very different dealing with admin stuff and well, being in the classroom and teaching students.

So, have you ever stopped to think about where you may be now without your teachers? To all my teachers -- those whose classes I enjoyed or dreaded; those whom I liked or disliked; those whom I admired or just tolerated -- thanks for all the lessons, patience, and passion that you have brought to your classrooms. May you continue to teach and may we all continue to learn. Say a prayer of thanks for all our teachers. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 18, 2006]

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