GMA and the Big Bad Woof

In a recent gathering, Gloria Arroyo refers to media as a bad boy and asks media to focus more on good news rather than bad news. The way I see it, I think media has just been pretty much doing its job of reporting what it sees and hears.

True, reading bad news day in and day out can be quite discouraging, if not downright sickening. But isn't that the best way to hear and learn about the problems that beset us?

The Good News -- is best found in the Bible -- not in the newspapers. From time to time, media also reports about what is positive and good but our world, much more our country, is far from perfect so it cannot be mostly good news all the time. Or is government and GMA starting to actually believe all their press releases?

GMA has identified the wrong bad boy. If she wants media to constantly praise her and harp on whatever achievements she might have had, maybe she can buy her own newspaper or TV station.

Whether with a cooperative or uncooperative media, the truth will out. People will know whether life is easier or more progressive. GMA should not worry about how media reports the news. That is not her problem. As for all of us, I'm sure we know, that the day media loses its bark or its bite is the day our country, the Philippines, really goes to the dogs. Aren't we all more afraid of the Big Bad Woof?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 11, 2005]

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