Customer Service: Calling Card Causes Argument

We were at one of the Novelty (Personal Care) Stores at Tiendesitas when an argument erupted between two salespeople. We were looking around the place and my husband requests for a calling card.

Salesperson 1 asks Salesperson 2 if they had a calling card and this is the exchange which ensued:

Salesperson 2 (appearing suspicious of us): Para saan? (For what?)

(Manuel and I both found the question strange. Here are customers asking for a calling card and we get that reply?)

Salesperson 1: Tinatanong pa ba yun? (Do you still need to ask that?)

Manuel: Para sa possible orders in the future.

Salesperson 2 (visibly irked at Saleperson 1): Bakit ba lagi mo akong binabara? Siyempre nagtatanong ako. Si ma'm nga dati, may nag-pi-picture, tinanong kung para saan?

(Why do you keep humiliating me? Of course I need to ask. Even our boss before asked someone why they were taking photos.)

Salesperson 1: E hindi naman ito picture. Calling card nga. (But this isn't a photo. They're asking for our business card.)

We got the calling card but as we were leaving the place, the two salespeople were still arguing. We didn't buy anything but we may be back as they really have some cute items, mostly for kids. Anyway, I hope they ironed out their differences and we really didn't mean to cause any arguments with our request for a calling card. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, November 5, 2005]

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